Caste in Businesses

Are businesses doing enough to have equitable caste representation?

Despite its constitutional abolition in 1950, the practice of "untouchability"-the imposition of social disabilities on persons by reason of birth into a particular caste- remains very much a part modern-day India. Despite numerous strides, caste shadows the definition of your identity, and persistent discrimination and caste related stigma remains pervasive in the corporate sector. In this discussion moderated by Prof. Suraj Yengde Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, Chandra Bhan Prasad (Indian journalist, writer, activist and political commentator), Nageswari Cherukonda (President at Sigmaintel, Naperville, Illinois, United States) and Arun Khorbagode (CEO, Biocare, India) attempt to peel the layer on how businesses can ensure equitable caste representaion.

20th Feb Saturday, 9am -10am (ET)

Panel Discussion