Reforming the agri supply chain in India : Are the agriculture reforms enough?
Value creation for stakeholders across the Agri Value Chain

The current pandemic has forced basic lifestyle needs, such as education and healthcare to adopt technology at scale. We are seeing massive waves of innovation drive growth in the current education ecosystem. But is this technology scalable to the rural areas of our vast country? Are we really able to serve the 1.3B Bharat populaiton, or are catering to select privileged families? In this conversation, we aim to take a step back and see how really scalable have ed-tech solutions been. Join us, in this discussion with Pratik Poddar from Nexus Ventures, Nishant Baghel from Pratham, to gather their first-hand perspectives on access of edtech, customers’ willingness to pay, societal readiness for online learning and the impact of the recent NEP in India.

20th Feb Saturday, 9:30pm-10:30pm (ET)

Panel Discussion

Image by Erwan Hesry